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KURTMAN, 1969 A family business in Istanbul-Tophane in order to carry out machining. started its activities. Since 1974, he has been working on Hydraulics. Our company, which has determined as the Fasteners sector, is today in Turkey and It is one of the leading organizations in the world that has the feature of being a brand.

 Hydraulic Continuing its rapid development in the Fasteners sector, Kurtman was established in 1997. The production site is located in Istanbul Hadımköy, on a 14.000 m2 plot of 7,000 m2. m2 closed area. KURTMAN employs 180 people and annually It continues its activities with a production capacity of 48,000,000 units. maintains its leadership in the market with a 65% share. since 1998 KURTMAN, which has made its name known in the foreign market, has increased its production capacity today. Europe, America and Africa, mainly Germany, account for about 45%. It exports to various countries in its continents.

 KURTMAN products (DIN) manufactures according to German Industry Standards and Hydraulic Connection It applies DIN 2353 norms in its elements sector. Construction Equipment, Ship Manufacturing in the Industry and Automotive sector is based on DIN 74297 – DIN 74237 standards. made on the basis of the principles. In addition, hydraulic pipes to various industries clamps, seals, special fasteners and stainless steel KURTMAN, which has the potential to offer steel fasteners, free cutting steel as raw material in the production of hydraulic fittings, uses carbon steel, stainless steel and brass.

 KURTMAN , today in Turkey and representatives of 60% of its products with its strong dealership system in the world. through to its users. 25% are direct manufacturers and 55% of KURTMAN fasteners, 15% of which are requested by vendors In the machinery sector, 25% in the Ship Industry and 12% in the Automotive sector

 KURTMAN in Turkey ISO 9001:2000 since 2003 in the Hydraulic Fittings sector Pioneering the leadership of being the first and only company that implements the standards as an institution that has proven its quality on the international platform. creates value for its customers.

KURTMAN, today Hydraulic Fittings in the industry It is one of the leading organizations in Turkey and the world.