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  • Adding value; Kurtman has implemented quality policies, educated manpower, wide value to its customers with its machine park and professional management philosophy. is a dynamic organization that adopts the principle of creating.


  • Difference to create; Kurtman's philosophy of quality products, fast production and reasonable prices to make a difference to its customers with its products and services in line with aims. The prestige it has in the Turkish market also abroad. Kurtman brand, which successfully proved its customers, technology, has made it its mission to connect with development and innovations.


  •  Applying the Principle of Teamwork; Kurtman values its customers respect, love and commitment to its professional staff in order to add trust, each stage is based on the principle of teamwork. Its mission is to provide a working environment. Kurtman is committed to continuing education and Highly motivated with a management philosophy based on appreciation for performance, to combine dynamic human power with innovative ideas and is a modern organization that aims to maximize its satisfaction.